Default service add attachment to inbox (question)

I know of 2 ways of adding an attachment to a task:

1.- Add a link
2.- embed the actual file.

I can do each of the above in two ways in OSX:

a) from the Omnifocus program (attach file). I can choose to do either 1 or 2 from the menu.
b) from the Mac Finder -> Services > Omnifocus add to Inbox. I cannot choose between 1 and 2.

(let’s skip how to do it in IOS)

To actually synchronize with IOS and being able to see the file in IOS I have to choose option 2 above (2.- embed the actual file.)

If I use option b (Finder -> Services > Omnifocus add to Inbox) , it goes to 1) by default, so I cannot really use it for attachments if I want to see it in IOS.

Now the question:

¿Is there a way to set 2b as a default? That is, set the send to Omnifocus add to Inbox service so that it embeds the actual file instead of a link?