Default time for due dates no longer works since Omnifocus 2 for Mac

Since updating to OmniFocus 2 for Mac, new actions default to 12am instead of 5pm like is set in my preferences. It used to be I could press return to create a new action, enter the action title, and set the due date using a format like “11/14/14” and the time would default to 5pm. Now when I follow these same steps it defaults to 12am and I have to manually go back and set the time. Is this a bug or is there something I’m missing?

OmniFocus 2.0.3 (v87.15 r219260)
Mac OS X 10.10

I’m sorry to hear about this! It certainly sounds like a bug – if your settings specify 5pm as a default due time, new dates using a date-only format (like your “11/14/14”) should use 5pm for that time.

What was the most recent version of OmniFocus for Mac where this worked for you? Did you, for example, have it working in 2.0.2?

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I want to say that it’s been since updating to 2.0 (last worked in the most recent version of 1.0 that I had), but if I’m being perfectly honest, I’m not 100% certain. I went back and checked the release notes & dates and would say the more likely answer is probably that it worked in 2.0.2, began in 2.0.3.

Curious! I can’t get this particular bug to happen myself, but I found a record of one other customer with a similar issue. I’ve added your notes to that bug in our development database.

Could I trouble you for one more piece of information? It would help to know about your system date and language preferences. Can you find the Language & Region settings in System Preferences, then let me know what your preferred language and date format is? It could look something like this:

If you have anything custom set up there – your own date format, for example – it might affect OmniFocus’s ability to figure out what the string “11/14/14” means, leading it to assign a bad due time. Any information about your settings here can help us track down this bug.

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Thanks. They are all set to default (no custom settings) - see screenshot below:

Thanks for the info. I’ve updated your note in our database, and I hope we can find the source of this problem for you.

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Is there a solution to this problem yet? I am also having the same issue: My settings reflect my desired 6:00 AM default time, but the program is making everything 12:00 AM.

Thanks for your help.

I haven’t had the issue resolved yet. Still waiting on an update from the staff.

I’m using v2.0.4, but it seems this issue is still not resolved.
Actually it’s really annoying – I have to manually modify due time all the times! :(

FYI, when I write only date on inspection, the default due time works.
The problem is that the default does not work when I write only date on the main note…

Really hope the problem will be resolved sooner :P

Same here - updated to 2.0.4 and problem persists. FWIW I did not see anything in the release notes that this issue should have been resolved. Would be nice to know they are working on it though…

I’ve finally managed to reproduce the issue in-house, and updated our bug database. Now that we have specific steps to reproduce it, it’s more likely we can fix it soon. However, I cannot make a promise (or even a guess) with regards to a specific version number or schedule.

One more fact:

When I write date on the main note without year, default due time works. (ex: 1/23)
But it does not work when I write date with year. (ex: 1/23/15)

I’m pretty sure it’s a small bug; I’m fine because I’m writing without year now :P

Thanks lizard :) Glad to hear that we’re making progress!

Thanks for sharing this workaround. At least I’m able to set the due times I want now.

Any progress on fixing this bug permanently?