Defer Date Shortcuts not accurate

Hello, fairly new user to OmniFocus 3 and my first post. Came from ToDoist with its natural language for date selection.

After reading the support documents for date formats included with OmniFocus 3, I attempted to implement them with existing tasks.

However, they do not appear to be working properly. According to the OmniFocus support page: “this friday always means the Friday in this week, next friday always means the Friday in the next week”.

Today is Friday, December 29, 2018. When I type “this Sunday” in the defer field OmniFocus shows a date of “Sunday, 12/23/2018” which is LAST Sunday. If I type “last Sunday” it shows a date of Sunday 12/16/2018 which is a week ago Sunday. If I type “next Sunday” it states “defer until tomorrow” which is the Sunday THIS week.

Am I doing something wrong in how I assign these dates?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !

If you type sunday, without “this” what does it do? (should say sunday dec 30th)

I think using this/last in OF is in reference to “This week” which is probaly calculated as being from sunday to saterday as a unit. So This sunday = the sunday of this week unit = sun 23rd, last sunday in this reference model would indeed be the 16th. and so on.

Leaving out the “this” or “last” and using sunday (meaning “the next ocurrence of saturday calculated from today” takes the next date.

I always just use “saturday +1w” to calculate to next saturday, seems to work ok for me.

Hope this helps :-)

Thank you, Janov.
I think I figured out the issue: OmniFocus defaults to a week from Sun - Mon, instead of Mon - Sun. I wish there were a way to change this in the settings. I always think about my weeks in the context of Monday through Sunday. I’ll just have to work around it and I will try your suggestion to just use “Saturday” without any prefix.

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