Defer date won't update

I’m trying to change defer dates by tabbing through the fields of an item. I’m able to select the field and type in a date, but as soon as I go away from the item, the date disappears and is not updated. The item is not greyed out even when I push the date into the future. I’m able to change defer dates in the Inspector, just not in the items themselves.

I’ve just started using OmniFocus. The defer date updates worked fine for a while, and then mysteriously stopped a few days ago. Any ideas?

Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing. Are you using custom columns in the outline view settings? Sometimes if the window is too small for the date to fit you will see a truncated date in some columns or simply … which means there is not enough room to display the information in the available space. Try expanding your window wider and see if that resolves the issue. As an experiment, you might also change to fluid mode under the view menu (looks like an eye) and try entering the dates

If a wider window, fluid mode, or expanding the window wider while viewing custom columns allows you to enter the defer date, consider showing a few less columns, closing the inspector or sidebar, or using a wider window while editing in the outline view to work around this issue. One other option is going to the Style preferences and choosing a smaller text size so that more text will fit on the screen. I find the system font option (In OmniFocus 2.5 and newer) is readable even at smaller sizes.

If you are still unable to get your dates to stick as they should, please reach out to support so that they can get the cause isolated. Our support humans are strong in OmniFocus knowledge and are great at explaining things. Email: +1 206-523-4152 or 800-315-OMNI (10a-5p PDT M-F)


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I wasn’t doing anything custom, but widening the window fixed the problem. It wasn’t particularly narrow (maybe half the screen on an external monitor). But with both sidebars open, that seems to be too little (even in Fluid mode). Thanks for the fix.

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