Defer dates +1 day/week/month from today


Would it make sense to change the behavior of defer +1 day/week/month buttons so the date would be changed from today if defer date is in the past?

I have some tasks with defer date in the past, I know I won’t start working on them this particular day/week/month - it would make sense to calculate defer increment as from today.

Also would it be possible to select the enatire date including time when clicked into date field? My work around to above is to type in 1week or similar into the field - that requires 1 click + 1 doubleclick to be able to overwrite the value.

Thank you


Maybe some scripting would help? Check my comments on this other thread

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Same here! This really bugs me. I tend to have a lot of items that got deferred sometime in the past and that I now want to defer again. (like my taxes project ahem) If I want to do that, it takes me a dozen clicks instead of just clicking on the +1 week button…

Why not make an option to clear any defer dates as they reach their date? -> so that -for example- any items that are deferred until August 1st get their defer date cleared automatically by reaching that date?

Would make deferring a lot easier in my opinion!

I want this as well. If for some reason, however, the current behavior must be maintained, perhaps this feature could be implemented when the option key is held and you click the +1 buttons

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Guys, I suggest you submit a feature request via email (only official way for that).
Help>Contact Omni from OF menu is all you need and, if the more people who write, the more importance they will give.


I agree! Just emailed them. If everyone else could email them as well that would be great!

We’re probably gonna have to turn this quote into a TextExpander snippet. 😉

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After some editing, right?… but, great idea. Doing that here :P

Ha, and funnily enough, TextExpander could also be used as a solution to the datemath request in this thread.

Or aText. Because subscription gets a thumbs down from me.


Textexpander works great for me! I wish though that bulk updating was a bit easier than having to open the inspector.