Defer does not roll forward automatically - Solved

Hello: I just moved over from Nozbe and am glad I did.

Being a long-time, modified to my business, GTD user, I thought I saw in one of the intro Vimeos that there is an automatic way to have deferred actions roll forward a day if not completed on the day they first appear. Guess I’m wrong, or I am doing something wrong.

I am having to go back into projects to find what now are potentially overdue actions but which are just sitting there.

Is the only way to have the action roll forward to manually set “defer another” to “1 day?” Does this force me to ‘complete’ the item so it will roll forward?

Simple solution that I’ve missed? Any help?

Thank you

Solved it, posting here so others will have the answer.

A deferred action ‘rolls forward’ a day only if a “repeat every” ‘1 day’ is included in the task, then the task is checked off (yes, incomplete) during your end-of-day wrap-up.

Because perfect GTD types would want this manual mind-lashing on “Defer Until” but still incomplete tasks anyway, speaking for myself, I can see becoming more organized, and trusting the system more, by having to make a decision about whether to complete today or to defer it to another day. I guess I am glad there is no ‘automatic’ roll-over of deferred tasks. Here is a screenshot: