Defer/due dates

any help appreciated on repeating tasks - i am novice to omnifocus

i have repeating weekly tasks deferred (available) from the Monday and due on Sunday
i would like to look at a task and if i cant do it that day, defer it one or more days ahead (lets say i see it on Monday, defer it a few days, then when i see it again on Wednesday, i do the task and check it off)

the problem with this senario is that the following week, the task is still due on the sunday (which is what i want), but only becomes available (deferred until) the wednesday

is there a way of ensuring next weeks task is available on the Monday, whichever day i defer it to or check it off the week before—i hope that makes sense!


what ‘repeat setting’ are you using? Defer again, due again or repeat?

I and others have posted about this before, the ability to modify one instance of a repeating task but not future repeats, like a calendar event. I’d use that constantly. But we’re usually told that that’s a silly idea, for some reason.

If you use repeat with defer and due dates say this Friday/Saturday respectively it will appear exactly on the same days next week. If with defer again it will count from the defer date forward and with due again it will count from the due date forward relative to the day you checked it off. These are great ways of ensuring your repeats work for you.

thank you for your help - i have been experimenting with all the repeat options actually

my problem is this - if I see some tasks i want to repeat this week, but not just yet, i want to be able to defer them for a day or two, so they are invisible to me—the problem is that when the task reappears and is completed, that “bumping forward” behaviour modifies the deferral date the following week (so for example, the task is not visible to me until next wednesday, rather than the monday which is when i want to see it)–i realise the due date stays the same

I understand. Not much you can do but leave the defer date the same. With careful perspective set-up you can keep tabs on any given task with a defer and due date. There is no perfect system, and every system has it’s own peculiarities.