Defer Forecast Perspective

I would love to see a perspective for defer forecast. It would save me a lot of headache to be able to not have to create projects that based on today’s date. I love being able to look at the calendar and see how many items are on there.

I would also love to click forward to future dates rather than just see “future” in both Forcast as well as this proposed Forcast Defer dates. I love being able to drag and drop actions on to the calendar that is so helpful but it only of course assigns due dates.

I love what was just added today with being able to make perspectives that show a specific date range. So much closer to what I have needed for years. I can’t quite make a perspective that shows this weekend but the next 7 days gets me closes.

Thank you OmniFocus for the continued improvements OmniFocus is getting so much closer to where it is a tool I am not fighting and truly useful and flexible.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you email this request to Omni by choosing Contact Support from the Help menu (Mac) or Settings > Help (iPhone & iPad).

These forums are intended to be a place for users to discuss Omni’s software. They’re not intended for feature requests and tech support.

I did and heard back from them thank you.

My appoligies I reread the forum guidelines and everyone is a little different and didn’t realize you don’t post things you are not sure how to do. In my mind I didn’t want to bother support of I can find an answer on a forum and then others can search it too. I will reach out to support more often since that is the case. Thanks.

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I am so happy in 4.2 that was released yesterday this actually works and just tested after waiting 24 hours. If you type Monday by default it goes to today or the next Monday as it has done since OmniFocus 1 but if you save a perspective with In the Range… and type Monday yesterday (on Monday) it showed me all the defer actions on Monday. Today it now shows me all the actions for the following Monday which is exactly what I have been looking for!