Defer repeating tasks, Omnifocus iOS 3.4.2

With the recent update to Omnifocus iOS 3.4.1 we gained the ability to use the new tap and hold context menu, but with the update to 3.4.2 we appear to have lost the ability to defer repeating actions to tomorrow. As an alternative to ”defer until tomorrow” we now appear to have the option “skip” which appears to simply drop the action (in the same way as completing it) causing the action to reset to its next repeat date/time.

I understand that in some situations someone may wish ti skip an action until the next time but not always.

Sometimes you simply want to bump it to the next day.

The problem with this is that unless the action is set to repeat the following day, skipping the action may cause it to now be days or even weeks before I see it pop up again.

Am I missing something? Is there a new way to quickly defer repeating actions to the following day without having to dig into the inspector?

Would appreciate you advice.

If you choose Reschedule to Tomorrow the defer date should be adjusted to tomorrow.

As you noted, Skip can be used to skip this instance of the repeat, which can be very useful in some cases (e.g. skipping a routine action while on vacation).

Thanks for replying Tim. Merry Christmas from Australia. Always enjoy reading your comments.

Reschedule to tomorrow is only practical for those actions that already have a due date.

If you apply this to a repeating action that has a defer only date, it changes its behaviour to now act as an action with a due date and will display in your forecast and will repeat with a due date from that time on.

It would appear that Omni gas removed the ability to defer only without adding a due date.

You’re very welcome…and Merry Christmas to you as well!

I often apply “Reschedule to Tomorrow” to repeating actions that have a defer date but not a due date…and only the defer date is adjusted (the due date remains blank).

The exception is if you create a repeating action with both the defer and due dates blank. In this case, you’ll see two “Schedule the Next” options under Repeat: “Defer Until Date” and “Due Date”. If “Due Date” is selected then “Reschedule to Tomorrow” will increment the due date.

I hope this helps!

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