Defer single instance of a repeating task


I often defer repeating tasks if I don’t have time or want to work on the item on the day it showed up as available. When I do this, I am breaking the original defer and due date relationship? I would want the original relationship I created to be maintained if possible.


This is what I use.


A shame no native solution exists…


True. Also this is one repeating feature I feel like Things does so much better than OmniFocus. You get a template for the repeat and then a separate item so I can move the separate item wherever without adjusting the template.


If you primarily use iOS for OmniFocus like me, this is my method:


I’m frustrated that there isn’t a native solution.


Easiest method I’ve found, which doesn’t require scripting: duplicate the repeating task. Mark the original as done—it’ll repeat as per its original schedule. Turn off the repeat on the duplicate and alter the defer and due dates as you wish.


I sent a feature request about this to a few weeks ago. I suggest you do the same – the more, the better.