Defer Until Later... (Random)

Is this useful feature coming to Mac (&iPad)?

More than a button on the Inspector, being able to just type “later” on the “Defer until” field would be very nice.

I just found myself leaving one task behind while reviewing my tasks on the Mac just to use the “Later” button on the iPhone, later. :D


Then Omni would need to have a preference that defines what “Later” means… Does that mean bug me in two days? Or one week?

You can always type 1d to mean 1 day or 1w to represent 1 week later.

@wilsonng Random. Just like on the iPhone.

I had forgotten the iPhone app has a random later! Thanks.

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hmmm… I never really used that on the iPhone. Thanks.

But if a task doesn’t have a real defer date, then it should be a someday/maybe item.

I have a project called Someday/Maybe single actions. Then I assign the task to that Someday/Maybe project. Then I set the project’s status to "On Hold."This is an action that I’ll maybe get around to doing. I have the review cycle set to every week. When this someday/maybe shows up in my review perspective, I’ll look at the tasks and determine whether I can put that action into another project (usually my miscellaneous tasks project) or I can just delete it. If I’m never ever going to get around to doing it, why keep it in my OmniFocus list? For me, that’s setting a false defer date or false start date.

FWIW, I have a Someday/Maybe project for each of my folders. I’ll have a Home Someday/Maybe, an Office Someday/Maybe, and other Someday/Maybe projects set to on hold for different areas of my life. Any new ideas that I might want to work on will go in there. I don’t want it cluttering my list of active available tasks.

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I also have Someday/Maybe folder and Single Action Lists. And my first reaction was the same as yours when I 1st saw this feature but, believe me, it’s not the same thing.
Someday/Maybe tasks are meant to be reviewed and the. Turned into actual tasks. Deferred tasks are just what the name implies and, random deferred dates are useful in some case.

My point here though is not conceptual, but about consistency: the feature is already there, in one platform.

@omnigroup ninjas? :D

You’re absolutely right ediventurin (I think I’ve agreed with you before!). It’s on OmniFocus for iOS and it ought to be brought to the Mac too.