Defer until Next Week

When you hold down on a task you can easily defer it until tomorrow. Would it be possible to add Defer until Next week or Defer by one week?

Adjusting the defer by a a week or month requires five taps now, which makes it a bit cumbersome.

I think this would be useful. If you haven’t already, I recommend emailing the Omni Group with this suggestion by tapping on Settings (gear icon) then tapping Contact Omni.

Personally I wouldn’t want the context menu to have too many options. Currently it strikes a good balance between surfacing useful commands and keeping its length reasonable (too many choices creates a little cognitive load every single time you use the menu).

I assume the most frequent actions by far regarding dates are to schedule for today or push an item to tomorrow, and the menu has commands for these.

I count 4 taps to defer by a week, including ‘Clear’ of the existing date and assuming that the ‘Info’ tab is the one used last and that the date fields are always displayed.

I have the following clicks on my iPhone to add a week:

  • Open item
  • Show More
  • Defer Until
  • +1 Week
  • Done

If you select ‘Customise Inspector’ at the bottom of the screen, you can put the date fields in the top part and avoid having to tap ‘Show More’.

And I’d forgotten ‘Done’! So it is indeed 5 taps, and 4 if there is no date currently. I don’t think it’s a very cumbersome interaction.

The custom inspector was a good suggestion, no need to add this feature anymore.

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