Deferred and Due on the Same Day (Forecast View)

Hello all,

A question and/or possible request-in-the-making:

I made an action to “Turn on lamp” (for my Gecko). I set it due for tomorrow at 9am and then deferred it until 8am. However, rather awkwardly, it shows the event twice in forecast view (it is set to show deferred items):

I’m not sure the best way to make this better, but preferable to this would be somehow getting the action to only appear once and then just including one more symbol or time to show that it is also coming out of deferment on that date.

As it is, I have to manually scan the “Due” and “Deferred” lists to make sure they’re all duplicates, as I have 6 or 7 such items scheduled (see above picture).

Both copies are exactly the same line (both showing the Due date instead of the Deferred date even); it seems much more functional to just include one extra symbol on the “Due” line if there’s also a deferment involved (or a time for that as well if that would fit).

Is there something approaching that currently? If not I can submit a feature request for it.


Edit: The idea being that, forecast view or not, it would be nice to be able to see ideas coming out of deferment SO LONG as they weren’t already items that appear on the same day anyhow. Sort of a mental, “Oh yeah, that’s an option now.” As it is, it’s ugly to need to sort through those that are due the same day vs those that aren’t.


In the Forecast view, you can set it to not view Deferred items. That’s what I’ve done in this situation.

I’ve found that OF isn’t all that great for tasks that repeat on a daily basis, due to the whole “show X days before due” and because of deferred items. I actually use Reminders for this sort of thing.

I could, but it would be nice to see items that are coming out of deferment, just as a reminder that they are new. Not essential, but it would be nice. Thus the question :).

Not possible at this point, I’m afraid. I’d suggest you submit a feature request via email.
You can find the address on the app itself, via Help > Contact Omni :)

See this thread:

Is this the same issue as you’re experiencing?

Ah, yes - that is the same issue. Is it helpful to submit that again as a feature request, since it (I think?) has already been submitted by this person?

I guess it’s always good, so to reinforce the importance of each specific issue.
Please notice even though we know the Omni ninjas keep an eye on the forums, the email is the only official way to submit both bugs an feature requests :D

The problem with turning off the viewing of deferred items in the Forecast View is then that you don’t see deferred items that aren’t due. I’ve been trying to only set things ‘due’ that truly must be done on a given day. The others are in deferred to a given day because they aren’t actually due even if I think I’d like to do them that day. So it’s very annoying to have the items I deferred to Tues that were due on Tues show up twice.

I would submit it again. It really is a usability problem as of now, makes it quite difficult to parse long lists of actions with both due and start dates in a day in Forecast mode and cognitively filter out duplicate entries.