Deferred date items staying in inbox

Hi I’m using the mac version and want to make it so that when i defer an item to a later date, it will be removed out of my inbox. There is an option in prefs to clean up inbox items which have either a project or a context, and i want to do this for items that i defer, but havent chosen a project or context for. Is this possible? How? It seems like it would make sense that items that i defer i shouldnt need to make a decision about them again until that date. Or is there some reason why it doesnt work like this?

If you go to the Inbox and click on the View button in the toolbar, you can change the setting to Available. If you want to make this the default View setting for the Inbox click the Save button.

With View set to Available you can defer inbox items and they won’t show up until the date/time you specified arrives. When I’m on vacation or taking some down time over the weekend, I’ll sometimes defer inbox items until the date that I’ll be back at work.

p.s. This functionality exists on iOS as well.