Deferred date relative to due date

When modifying the due date if would be useful in many instances to keep the lag from the deferred date constant. Is there a simple way to achieve that? More generally, is there any intention to support some date management logic in the future (dates relative to other dates, date shift on non working days etc.)?

You should be able to do this through a script I think

This thread covers several options

Thanks a lot Janov. Indeed I was thinking of writing a script, but before starting I was curious to know whether Omni had any plans, as I believe there should be some product features to make that simpler. What I need (I assume this is common) is to fix the lag between the deferred and due dates so that when I move the task both dates are adjusted to maintain the time difference. It’s not too difficult to implement, except that I’ll have to store the ‘lag’ value as a sting in the comment or some other field.

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