Deferred Dates & Available Tasks

Hello !

I added some defer dates to taks in Standard Omnifocus 3 for Mac, but I can not find how doing this is usefull. It doesnt change anything in forecast. Either in Project listing. So I can not find in which cases omnifocus is not whowing you a task until deferred date.

I’ve read a lot about “available task list” but I dont have that view in my Omnifocus.

Any help? Thanks !

Is “show deferred” checked in the forecast view setting?

I don’t have the standard version, I have Pro and am not 100% sure of the difference, but if I set a defer date to a task it will not show up in any of my perspectives (set to show “available”) at all. Only when the date is reached will they show up.

But again; I don’t know if that is a pro feature.

Can you post a screenshot?

Thanks for the reply. I’m new with it and finally found the “available task” filter on forecast, projects and tags view.

Thanks so much.

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