Deferred repeated tasks show up after completion

I am a prior military aviation guy, I love checklists. But if I am not actively trying to complete a checklist I don’t want it to show up and I’m having issues with repeated tasks showing up despite the deferred date after completion. Please allow me to explain with a very elementary morning checklist:

Morning Checklist

Make Bed
2 mins pushups
make coffee
Shave, Shower, S***
Eat breakfast
Phone, Keys, Wallet

Everyone can probably remember these things or make them into a habit, however, unfortunately for me, I have Adult ADHD and I thrive on structure and routines (maybe why I was modestly successful in the military) and I love accomplishing simple things.

Anyway, since this checklist is a daily thing, I created a project folder and added these items deferred until 5 AM and due by 7. I also have them repeat daily Monday through Friday. The problem is that when I select task as completed instead of deferring until the following day at 5, it just pops up again.

I checked the view settings so that only available items show up and I am also using Apple watch series 2 with Mac OS X as well as iPhone 7 Plus. They are all updated to the latest pro version of OF2.

Can anyone please share some light to make my morning routine a little easer to complete without having the same pop ups when the tasks for the day are completed?

Thank you all for your time and for the omnigroup staff, keep up the good work. I hope to see a web based access platform in the future!

@sarswimmer0718 — I recommend setting the project to Defer Another 1 day (instead of Repeat Every 1 day).

If you’re using “Defer Another” the defer date for the project will be calculated based on the current date. If you use “Repeat Every” it will calculate it based on the next day in the cycle.

For example, using “Repeat Every”, if you completed the project on January 1, the projects defer date would have been set to January 2. If you didn’t complete the project January 2, but did complete it on January 3, OmniFocus would set the defer date to January 3 (the next date in the sequence), which causes it to show up again.

In this same scenario, if you used “Defer Another” the defer date of the project would be set January 4, which is one day from the completion date.

I hope this helps!

Tim Stringer
Founder, Learn OmniFocus