Deferred task question

I have a task I want to work on every 2 days but it doesn’t need a hard due day. It’s just my goal to work every other day. I tried to set a defer date and made the repeat 2 days after completion. This sort of works except when I miss a day. It seems if you miss the defer day, it no longer shows up in your forecast (like an overdue task would). Is there any way to make a missed defer day show up so I can get back on track without making it a hard due date?

I would solve this by flagging the item, and showing flagged items in Forecast.

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that works great! And when you check it off, I think it won’t appear until the next defer date which is exactly what I want! I thought flag was just like a tag so I never used it (since I already use tags) but I should have known Omni would only have a feature if it did something genuinely useful.

I use this combining defer date whit forecast tag!