Deferred tasks on Apple Watch

I am a new customer, and I am having some troubles with the Apple Watch app. On the iOS and Mac apps, in the today view, I am able to view both tasks due today as well as tasks deferred until today. Additionally, on the Apple Watch (as well as the Today widget), I am able to set the glance and complication to show both due tasks and tasks that were deferred until today. However…

I am unable to view these tasks on the Apple Watch. I use due dates sparingly. For example, right now, I have two tasks that were deferred until 12 am today. I can view both of these tasks in the today section on the Mac and iOS apps… the today section on the Watch says I have no tasks.

Please, is there some sort of way to also view deferred tasks on the watch? Very strange how you can view these tasks in the glance and complication, but not be able to take action on these tasks in the actual Watch app.