Deferred Until Today perspective


can anyone help me set up a deferred until today perspective in OF3 for Mac or iOS, Pro version?

Thanks :)

There’s not a lot of granularity when making a perspective based on defer dates. You could group actions based on their defer date, but you can’t be more specific about when that date is.

If you just want to see what’s been deferred to today, is Forecast not acceptable? At a push, you could configure the Today widgets on either OS to show deferred to today items as well.

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There’s a script here that will flag items that have a defer date today:

It’s a few years old but seems to work (I didn’t try creating a LaunchAgent from it, which is also detailed on that page).

Another possibility would be for the script to add a tag. Then you could create a perspective to match the tag instead of flagging. My scripting skills aren’t up to snuff, sadly.


If you would like to use the Forecaste perspective, click on the eye icon in the toolbar and click in the checkbox ”Show deferred items”. Personally, I have a special Deferred perspective with the settings Group actions by Defer Date and Sort actions by Defer Date. That perspective shows all deferred items, both in the past and in the future, but that is what I want it to do.


The lack of granularity is one of the few things in OF3 that I find really frustrating. You can filter for tasks that do or don’t have a defer date and/or a due date, but you can’t filter for dates within a range. I have several times started to created a perspective and then realised that the filter options don’t allow it. Filtering by date range seems to me quite a basic functionality and I have emailed my concerns to the team, but if others would like to see this function prioritised then please request it as the more of us that ask, the more likely it is to be added.


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