Delegate tasks to and from other people

I’m a newbie to the forum but have been using OF2 Pro for a couple months. I’ve poked around the forum but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. Closest I could find was this post from @mikemaycga in this thread : Multiple Contexts per Task [No ETA, but planned to be implemented.] I’ve also RTFMed. My confusion lies around delegation.

I’m a COO. I oversee projects managed by my project management team and I do my own projects, both in the business and GTD sense. I am always waiting on PMs for updates on projects they manage and on other people supporting my projects. They are also waiting on me for various things. My boss is always waiting on me for things. I am also waiting on my boss to perform tasks for me (e.g., approve something, provide instructions, or contact someone).

My challenge is contextualizing this information. I have been using Folders to house related projects, Projects for, well, projects, and Contexts for people. It is easy for me to meet with, say, PM#1, and pull up a list of tasks associated with him, but not to know whether each task is in a state of my waiting for him or him waiting for me. The same thing applies if I need to know what’s going on in a project.

Similarly, if I want to know everything people are waiting on me for, I can’t figure out how to produce that list.

I’ve considered subcontexts (e.g., “@waitingon : PM#1”), but that would require creating a LOT of subcontexts. I’ve also tried to figure out if there is something I can do with hashtags, but I’m stumped there.

I realize that some of what I’m looking for is really project management or personal organization rather than GTD, but I’d appreciate any guidance people have on how they deal with this issue. Thanks.

My approach is essentially the one posted here. I also use this handy script to help me move a task from completion of the transfer to waiting for the delegate.

Here are some other links outside the forums to give you other ideas:


Thanks, @TheWart. This is great info to work with.