Delete action - accidentally deleting entries


I am new to omnifocus2 and liking it so far. currently though i find that i will accidentally press the delete button while on in projects and then my entire project or project folder disappears.

So i have 2 question

  1. is it possible to see deleted files and projects
  2. is it possible to reassign the delete function such that i have to maybe press fn+delete or command+delete

i ask this as i deleted a larger project file and ont he mac its relatively easy (for me anyways) to hit the delete button when you go for the sound buttons or the back slash.

any help will be appreciated



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First, remember that the undo function also works in OmniFocus (CMD-Z) so you can instantly restore your project.

Second, there is a third party application I use to reconfigure windows-based keyboards for use with Macs at school. It allows rampaging of any key. OS X might have this function built-in, but I haven’t found it.

Directions on how to use the third party application can be found here.

Oh i completely forgot about command+z >< thanks so much, that saved a lot of heartache, and thanks for the tip ill be sure to look into that program ! :)

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