Deleted OF but Reminders list is still purple

Removed OmniFocus from my iphone, and rebooted it. When i say “remember to…” I still get a purple circle.

How can I completely remove OmniFocus?

Actually, my mistake - it is capturing to the app I want it to…but iOS still uses the purple circle.

It’s been so long, maybe the purple circle is what iOS actually uses :-)

Well, it’s just visual at this point, so no harm.

I think the circle colour mimics the colour of the list name in reminders. You can set that by tapping Edit at the top of your list in the Reminders app.




Do you have a list in Reminders that is purple, that you have set as your default list for Siri to capture to?

99% sure that’s what’s going on. Change your default reminder list if you want Siri-originated Reminders to go elsewhere… it’s in Settings->Reminders->Default List.

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