Deleted tags persist in omni automation

Has anyone come across deleted tags cluttering the listed tags in the omni automation interface? Is there a way to filter them out?

It appears that flattenedTags retains deleted tags. e.g. flattenedTags[5] returns

[object Tag: Deleted_Tag_Name] {active: true, added: Sat Nov 17 2007 20:32:12 GMT-0500 (EST), after: [object Tag.ChildInsertionLocation], allowsNextAction: true, availableTasks: [], before: [object Tag.ChildInsertionLocation], beginning: [object Tag.ChildInsertionLocation], children: [], effectiveActive: false, ending: [object Tag.ChildInsertionLocation], flattenedChildren: [], flattenedTags: [], id: [object ObjectIdentifier: Tag k71uSgtwI1t], modified: Sat Nov 17 2007 20:46:44 GMT-0500 (EST), name: “Deleted_Tag_Name”, parent: [object Tag: Deleted_Tag_Deleted_Parent], projects: [], remainingTasks: [], status: [object Tag.Status: Active], tags: [], tasks: []} = $5

If I try to navigate to the tag with omnifocus:///tag/Deleted_Tag_Name or omnifocus:///tag/k71uSgtwI1t (the identifier), the tag is not found. (Using the id does nothing. Using the tag name shows an error message that the tag is not found.)

I don’t see a property on the tag that would let me filter it out. E.g. status is Active.

In my case, flattenedTags doesn’t include deleted tags.

Hmmm. Moi aussi – I don’t see any previously deleted tags as the window capture shows.
Also, is there an “active” property available? Which version are you using?

Thanks for checking. The tag status is “active”. I see this on both Mac and iPad. I will do a bug report.

For posterity: Support was able to help. I had a dropped top level tag but the child tags were not dropped. The status does not cascade to the children as expected in the omni automation interface.

This is the behaviour in the app, it’s not specific to Automation. The ‘dropped’ status on tags and folders does not get inherited by children nodes, unlike projects and actions. If you show ‘All’ in the Tags perspective, you will see your dropped tag and can expand it to reveal its still-active children.

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