Deleting completed action items from Omnifocus database

Once I mark an action item as completed, I don’t have a need to save that completed item in OmniFocus (nor do I want to archive it). Is there a way to delete completed action items from the database after a specified amount of time (for example–delete all completed action items one day after they’ve been completed)?

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I’m guessing this would be a request for an auto-archive feature.

There isn’t a way to set this as an automated thing. However, in OmniFocus Pro you could switch the Completed perspective to ‘Don’t use project hierarchy’ and then select all in the main outline and delete periodically.

Alternatively, you could write (or persuade someone else to write) an AppleScript that finds items whose completion date is more than a day ago and deletes them. Then stick it in your OmniFocus toolbar and smack it whenever you fancy it.

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