Deleting iOS OF 3; safe?

Now that I’ve very happily (Thank you, Omni!) upgraded to OF4, I do not want OF3 - on iOS.

But if I try to delete OF3 on my iPhone (admittedly an older model (8 Plus) running iOS 16.7.5), I get what I hope is a generic warning (?) that deleting OF3 from my App Library will also delete OF data:

I synch with Omni’s server…

So how can I safely delete the older (OF3) version on my iPhone, please?

All I can say is that I deleted OF 3 from my phone after I installed OF 4 on it, tested it for a while, and made sure it worked okay enough.

I believe your OF 3 instance on your phone syncs separately from your OF 4 even if on the same phone.

To check you can go to your registered devices and see if there is an OF 3 instance of syncing. I bet you there is. If so, this should indicate that deleting OF 3 from your device would be fine. If this doesn’t make sense, I’ll explain more in detail.

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Thanks, @chomni!

It’s only the note prior to deleting on iOS which cautions against “…also delete its data…” that alarms me!

Are you suggesting that I can identify my iOS OF3 device on the Omni site and delete it from there?

IOW - I obviously need to preserve my data at all costs.

Your help appreciated!

The note is about deleting the data on your device which relates to OF 3. The data still held by the device associated with OF 4 will not be deleted and neither will any data sync’d in the cloud.

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Thanks, @Geoffairey and @chomni !

Have done as you kindly advise. Everything OK.

:-) .


I’m glad you were able to get this through. Sorry for the late reply. I was planning to include screenshots, etc.

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No problem, @chomni - and thanks again!

Each day I discover something new about OF4. So glad I didn’t let myself be swayed by the negative reception it got in some quarters. It’s all better than ever.

BTW, do you by any chance know of a way to get a ‘Synch’ icon on the main screen of the iOS version, please; or is it still a case of swiping down to do so?

No icon. Tap on the circle icon with 3 dots. The menu shows Sync command.

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Great. Thanks, Wilson; that’s every bit as good :-) !

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