Deleting vs. changing project's context

Dunno if this is a feature or not…but I have a project that has an assigned context. I’d like to reset it back to “No Context” (i.e., delete its context)…but that seems to be impossible (I can only change the context to something else). Each of the project’s subtasks does have a context…but I want the overall project to have no context. I suppose I could create a “None” context…but it seems that OmniFocus already has a “No Context” context placeholder. Is there a way to use it/revert to it? Am I missing something?

Hunh…so if I change a project’s context to something explicit in the inspector, I find it does not appear within that context when I switch over to the “Contexts” tab. It works great for tasks in a project, but not for projects themselves. Weird.

The “Context” field in the inspector can be edited like a text field as well as selected like a pop-up button. If you edit the text in the text field, you must hit Return in order to save your changes—this is true even if your edit consists of deleting all the text.

If I select a project, delete the contents of the Context field in the Inspector, hit Return, then switch to the Contexts tab, that project appears under No Contexts for me.

(I think it would be reasonable to request a “No Context” item in the popup menu for those for those who don’t know that the text is editable, or who don’t deduce that an empty field is how one signifies “No Context”. Please send us e-mail!)


Kyle, that’s just it. If I hit return after deleting all the text in the field, it reverts back to what was originally there. :)

Hmm…weird…I tried again and now it (seems) to be good. Lemme play with this more…sorry (I do know that you have to press return for text fields…God Bless NSTextField or your Omni subclass). :)

And thanks for your help! :)

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