Delivering support via email vs. forums

Thanks for your reply, @Brian - but I can’t help but feel that you’re making things difficult for yourselves. Any sensible organisation funnels support through a forum, so that one member of staff can communicate with many customers at once about a given issue, rather than suggesting each customer send an email (which needs an individual reply). You’ve set up Discourse (excellent choice, by the way) to allow group communication, but you then suggest to your customers that they communicate with you via email? That’s complete madness, and gives the wrong impression.

You should assign a member of staff to monitor and reply on the forums - customer engagement and satisfaction will go up.

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I think you’re being a bit hard on Brian. If Omni wants to do it that way for the time being, then I don’t think it’s complete madness. It would be unrealistic to expect Omni to read every forum post just in case it requires a response from them. They can always post a sticky item on the forum if they think their reply to a particular email will help many users. Asking for email for specific support enquiries does allow Omni to differentiate between general usage discussion and specific support requests.

It wasn’t my intention to ‘be hard on him’, @OmniChris - I simply think that Omni is creating work unnecessarily, where they could utilise the forums to be more efficient. It would have the added benefit of letting customers who are looking for answers see that an issue is being dealt with, rather than that customer having to email Omni only for an Omni employee to have to tell that customer the same thing they’ve told x number of other customers. That’s what these forums are for.