Design tweak to iOS Dark Mode

I’d like to make the case for a specific design tweak the iOS app’s dark mode.

My “Problem”
In “light” (non-dark) mode, the top and bottom bars have the same background colour (white) as the rest of the UI. When dark mode is activated, the top and bottom bars take on a lighter background colour than the UI in general does. The contrast between this grey and the “true black” background colour in the rest of the UI is the “problem” I’m getting at. My proposition is basically: if the bars don’t need a contrasting background colour in “light” mode, is it really necessary in dark mode?

I’d also argue that this contrast in the background colours:

  1. makes the screen feel smaller and more cramped (I have the mini, so I might be a bit more sensitive than most on this point 😄).
  2. is a bit “shouty” or noisy — activating dark mode suddenly draws extra attention to areas of the UI which doesn’t contain anything extraordinary (which presumably is the reason why “light mode” doesn’t specifically highlight these areas).

With the larger iPad displays, I can see an argument for organizing the added real estate in this way, though.

I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way; I’m not dunking on OmniGroup or its work at all. This is solely intended as an invitation to consider if the time has come to make this design tweak.

The reason I feel strongly enough about it to make this case, is probably that I’m still generally mesmerised by “true black” dark mode. I love that it sort of erases the black bezels on my device and leaves me with just the content that matters to me. In my view, true black backgrounds makes for a more serene and calming user experience, where the only things allowed to draw your (precious) attention are what matters most to you (your tasks, in this case).

What do the rest of you guys think? Am I barking up the wrong tree here?

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