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I didn’t see a recent list of desired features list and even though I have been emailing OmniFocus during this test run about new features I wanted to just provide a list here, in case I have missed them or if other people want to contribute to it. These aren’t bugs but features that would help.

One major one I have always wanted would be Task Referencing Due Dates. For example, I am setting up a charity fundraiser currently and I would love to have one item be the even day and then have some tasks be due 1 week before, 3 months before, 1 week after, etc. That way, while I don’t have a specific date of the event yet, I could create the timeline and then just enter the date when I’m ready and then all of the event will have an actual due date. Essentially the items would be considered on hold until a real date is assigned and then they snap into place. This works with non-specific due dates in general but would also allow me to have a final product and then all my items be relative to that.

A small quality of life benefit would be Customizable Tag Icons like Bear uses. Further if I could select the color of my tags that would help a lot with Toggl color coding but I understand Omni is a big fan of color specifics.

This could be done with using TaskPaper and an app such as Drafts or Siri shortcuts.

It sounds intimidating but once you try it, it becomes easier to do it. You invest a little time in figuring out TaskPaper and use Drafts as the storage bin to hold your templates. Once you’ve figured out your template, you have it all automatically set.

Listen to this podcast. Show notes includes links to two YouTube videos with demos of seeing Siri shortcuts and Drafts in action.

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And here’s my method for highly customizable templates: