Detaching sidebars, inspectors, etc. [Fixed in v6.1]

Ive been able to detach the sidebars and inspectors to floating windows with previous version. Whats the trick to detach these to allow me more working space?


I would also like to know. It’s really cumbersome to have to switch between the image tab and the text tab all the time.

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If memory serves, a statement was released a while ago on the old discussion boards that this feature will only be returning in the 6.1.x iterations.

I’m also finding it cumbersome to use as the stencils I use tend to end up being microscopic in the current maximum width of column. It was preferable to have the stencils palette enlarged on my second monitor.

Also I find switching between palettes is pretty cumbersome too. A backwards step in terms of usability.

Any news on that? I am aware that this is a lot of work and needs a 6.x update, not a 6.x.x

Right now I work on a wire frame for a web application. I simply can’t do that in OG 6 on my MBPR 15 display, even if I switch the screen to a larger resolution than the default. There is not enough canvas space because of these huge sidebars, so I have to keep on using OG 5.

This is really sad, because there are great features in OG 6, but being unusable on a laptop-only setup is a killer. It’s not only the sidebar sizes, there are a lot of other usability backsteps in OG 6, like bad icons, unnessacary clicks because checkboxes being replaced by drop downs etc. I don’t expect everything being fixed before OG 7, but fixing the sidebars soon would be great. Until today, the update fee was a waste. And I really love Omni Graffle.

I just signed up to give this feature request a +1. I’m a UI developer and a Omnigraffle heavy user and after working for a couple of days with Omnigraffle 6 I switched back to 5. The fixed panels user interface completely ignores the value of a multiple monitor setup many pro users have. Also, all teh switching I had to do between the inspectors/panels… In no way is Omnigraffle 6 a UI improvement over the previous version.

As soon as Omnigraffle supports multi monitor setups and improves the inspector/panels behaviour, I’m the first to give it a try.

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We’re hard at work on this now, as you can see in this screenshot of OmniGraffle on Yosemite which I tweeted yesterday. [Caveat: work in progress!]


I’m glad that work on restoring this feature is underway. I have postponed my upgrade while waiting.


I have just upgraded to 6 from 5 with a new computer - and I am finding it a pretty grim experience. Apart from the side bars I now am unable to cut and paste work from illustrator into the file. This is crazy!..Apparently I now have to save it an import it. When is this going to be fixed?

Also the zoom function - am I being crazy.

OmniGraffle 6.1 shipped today with support for detachable inspectors.

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Couldn’t agree more, v. 6.x has gone in the wrong direction. Bring back detachable inspectors! (Isn’t that part of the Apple guidelines anyhow??)

Detachable inspectors are in today’s release of OmniGraffle 6.1.

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Well…seems it’s been a year or more and still no detached inspector windows.

I just upgraded to OG 6 from 5, and the first thing I hated about this new version was the lack of detached inspector windows.

The larger window messes with my work flow. I usually have several windows open for different files, and having the smaller window foot print without having to have the inspectors take up that space was really good previously. Now it’s really a bad design. Not sure why Omni changed this without checking with users before hand, as there are obviously many who do NOT LIKE this new “feature”.

Please advise when this will be fixed!!!


Sorry for the confusion, @brehart! OmniGraffle 6.1, released back in November of last year, includes detachable inspector panes. More information is posted here; hope it helps!