Devices only sync when manually refreshed

Last night I entered a task into OmniFocus, telling me to put a box outside tomorrow morning. This task was shown on the OmniFocus widget on my phone and I went to sleep.

However, this morning I was exclusively using my iPad which also has the widget on it. However, it did not have the action that said to put the box outside, and so I forgot to put the box outside amidst the busy day.

The task was on my phone’s widget still, but did not show on my iPad’s widget (nor in the custom perspective for the widget) until I manually synced the phone.

This means that this task did not sync for 12+ hours until I manually synced it, which in my opinion is pretty unacceptable. This was not the first time it happened though – this seems to be the case all of the time.

Whenever I put something into OmniFocus, it will not show up for a very long time on other devices, if it even shows up at all. To have any changes sync in an acceptable amount of time, I always have to manually refresh the device on which the changes were made, and only then does it seem to “send out” the changes to my other devices.

I never did anything about it because it was always just mildly inconvenient, but what happened this morning showed me the potential for disaster with this behavior.

Is there any way to fix this issue and have changes sync automatically? To be clear, the actual sync doesn’t seem to be slow and is nearly instant when I manually refresh, but it does not seem to automatically do this for me.


This is definitely not the way it’s supposed to be - assuming you have a working Internet connection.

May I suggest that you contact Omni support directly?

They will surely be able to look at the relevant logs and see what caused it. Good luck!

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