Dewey decimal system classification


does anyone have, or know the whereabouts of, an omnioutliner, or OPML file containing the Dewey decimal classification scheme that i can download? (for free if possible, of course) i’m thinking of using it to keep track of personal research. i have tried with DevonThink and it isn’t working out for me.

I am unaware of any pre-built but you could always grab a list (e.g. and paste it into an outline. With a few minutes of indenting, you would have a structured document. As an alternative, wikipedia also has a list of the US Library of Congress classification system, perhaps others as well.

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thanks mockman.

i was hoping to find something where all the donkey work had been done for me. (i’m like that) ideally something which will go beyond the 1st or 2nd decimal place.

Well, good luck with your quest.

thanks for the suggestion 👍