Did OmniFocus retire one of their widgets?

A few weeks ago OmniFocus released their new Widgets. It’s hard to explain, but when you swipe right on the (iPhone) home screen you get the list of Widgets for which there are two kinds: The “independent” Widgets (at the top) and the “list” of Widgets that are connected like one long scroll. In that scroll, there was a OmniFocus widget that allowed us to check off items on our ToDo list. This morning it disappeared.

I LOVED that Widget.

Does anyone have any information on why they removed it and if it’s coming back?

We haven’t removed our legacy widget (it has too much useful functionality that isn’t possible in the newer widgets!), but when iOS sees our new widgets it sometimes forgets that the legacy one exists. Restarting the device usually makes it reappear in the list.

Hope this helps!


It did. After a restart, my favorite widget it back.


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