Different default times for different projects?

Different default times for different projects/contexts?

I tend to work on certain things at certain times:
9am Creative & Study work
11.30am Phone calls
5pm Email

Is it possible to set different default times for due dates based on either project or context?

Any ideas



@timnorman Not as far as I am aware. In preferences you can choose a different time setting from the default for both defer & due. This is a universal setting and cannot be altered for different perspectives. There may well be some genius with a script but I haven’t heard of it. I choose a defer time of 12:01am & due time of 12pm as my preferred times, although with a bit of experimenting you may find times that make sense to you. I like a due time of 12pm to catch me during lunch time in case something has to be completed at work before the day is done.