Different font size, document size when going full screen?

Is there some way of automatically change the font size and “document size” when going full screen?

Let’s say that I want to have a relatively small window with small text and a narrow document when I normally have the window open. However, when I want to edit it I would like to have the text larger and the document wider (if I go full screen). I can get the text larger by changing the zoom factor but the document width seem to be the same … and is there some way to do the zoom automatically?

(I’ve played with the beta for about 5 minutes so I might be missing something obvious)

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That is not an ability offered. The trouble would be knowing when and how much to change the text size and width. If the zoom function also modified column widths, would accomplish what you want (aside from it automatically zooming)?

OK, in my case I hoped some preference that would let me say that when going full screen I want the font size X or the zoom factor X and that the document should be Y pixel/Y % of screen or something similar.

Yes, if the document would, optionally, change size when zooming that would work for me. And even better would be an option that said something like

[ ] When going full screen zoom document to [nice popup-menu with zoom factors]

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