Direct a circle/ disable autoaline/direction

  1. can I put a direction (orientation ) on a circle? |
    that is put arrows on a circle indicating clockwise or counter clockwise
  2. can I disable the autoaline/ auto direction temporarily
    i) when I actually want to put an identical object just slightly off from being horizontal with another
    ii) I want to draw a (directed) line from a point in the plane to a point on a circle but not the closest point on said circle like it keeps auto correcting the line to
  1. If you are trying to draw on top of a circle, create the lines you want separately (do not attach them directly to the circle). If you hold Option while you are drawing lines, they draw without snapping to connect to the shapes near them. Once the arrows are created, you can group the shapes together.
  2. (i) If you need to turn off Auto layout sometimes, you might try unchecking the option and using the Lay Out Now instead, which will only apply when you click the button. The other thing you can do is Lock an object or group, which will stick the locked item in one location on canvas.
    (ii) You would still need to uncheck Auto layout, lock the object(s), and then turn it back on.
    Sounds like you may want to use magnets or add a midpoint to get the precision you need for this line. Select the object and add magnets to it in the Properties Inspector under Connections.

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