Direct Report Perspective Project view Filtered by Context

I have a number of direct reports that I keep an set of named agenda contexts for:

  • John
    • Awaiting John
    • Someday John

When I talk to them in my 121 meetings I want a single perspective that allows me to see a folder/project based view that shows remaining items in the above contexts. Is this possible?

I tried creating a context based view that groups by project, but then I cannot tell what context it is in, that is, I cannot differentiate NAs that:

  • Need to be discussed (e.g. John context)
  • Are awaiting for delivery of the item from them (e.g. Awaiting John context)
  • Need to review to see if someday is today (e.g. Someday John context)

I know one of the work arounds would be to have a perspective for each, but that means I have 21 different contexts just for agendas instead of 7 and I cannot see all the contexts in the same view as the project.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem, if Omnifocus doesn’t allow for Project views to be filtered by context, what do you do? Simplicity is critical for me to allow conversations to be productive and not distracted by the tool.

YES! This. I’ve been trying to describe the problem I’ve been having with trying to maintain a contexts focus with other views but you did a great job of articulating it.

If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. :)

I think the general way that I would approach this is to use the seven contexts, as you have, group by project, and order by context.

I assume that the the upper level context is the most important, then the waiting for, then the someday.

When you’re reviewing projects with your reports, keep an eye on the context you are in on the item you are discussing. If you’ve reached a “someday” item and your report isn’t going to be available for someday items, then you know you can skip ahead to the next project, because you know there are no more top-level or waiting for items.

That’s how I would do it with OF. If it’s not working for you, some type of project management software might be more helpful.

That is what I’m doing now, and it really doesn’t work – too many items and for me to “remember” is contrary to the very reason I use OF.

I have limited time with each of them and there’s more in these contexts then can be covered in one sitting. Based on mutual review I’ll end up moving between the contexts, or even moving to a different person’s agenda context.

Because of this kludgy way of doing things today, I end up just scanning the list before and after we talk, not effective or well directed to move to objectives.

I should say, I don’t just use this context setup for my directs, I also use it for my SVP and horizontal relationships that have a high touch relationship with (but not customers).

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Did you look at this article on the Inside OmniFocus page?

He has few contexts (Awaiting, Someday, Discuss), and a Perspective called “Agenda” that encompasses all three contexts. He includes the person’s name in every action, and just searches for their name inside the perspective.

I don’t know if that helps you, but his article makes it sound like a good solution for your situation.

Good luck.