Disable auto url links in OO for ios


I have an outline that is a list of hostnames. They are far too long to re-type in the other app that I need them in.

I’d like to copy them one at a time to the other app when needed. Unfortunately, they were all auto-set as links. So on my mac, I manually removed the link from each one. (As a separate issue, while my preferences have it set on the mac to “automatically create links” immediately after I removed the links, it would turn them back to links). Once all the links were removed, I synced it back to ios.

In IOS, because there are multiple columns, I can’t just select the row and copy, I have to edit the field to copy the hostname. However, as soon as I click in the field, it turns it back to a link. And now, I can’t edit the field because when I click on the field, it just opens the hostname in my browser.

  1. How can I edit a field that has a link?
  2. How can I disabled auto-link on IOS?


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