Disappearing action


This might be my lack of understanding rather than a bug but when I add a new item to omnifocus and defer to tomorrow it disappears when the “clean up” runs. This doesn’t seem to make sense as it is an incomplete action with no context or project. It also disappears from the forcast. I have recorded a video to demonstrate this.

Can any one help? cheers

You might consider changing the View Settings of your Inbox. It looks like you are currently using Available, but would rather use Remaining:

Many OmniFocus users prefer to work straight out of the Inbox, rather than go through the effort of moving short-term tasks into a project before working on them. “Available” mode makes the Inbox behave similarly to the Projects perspective, which helps with this use case.

But if you tend to view the Inbox as a place where tasks are assembled before being shipped to a project, then it makes sense to treat Inbox differently and show all “incomplete” tasks.

Thank you so much for the help. Your information was spot on. I actualy changed it to the available view the other day and didn’t properly think about the consequences of doing so. All my tasks appeared when I selected all.

Many thanks again, I’m still learning.