Disappointed about your plans for Omnifocus 2

Continuing the discussion from A review of the Omni Group’s 2014 and our plans for 2015:

Just read “A review of the Omni Group’s 2014 and our plans for 2015”. This is all about Omnifocus? I thought you might have more in your pipeline for the new year. Well, OF2 does work. But a widget and some sharing options–that’s all you have been working on for months? I hoped you had more ideas about UX.

I thought the same thing. I believe the folks at OmniGroup are relunctant to make promises, as they’ve been burned before by not being able to deliver on their projected timetables.

One gets the sense from following Ken Case on Twitter, &etc., that they have more plans for updates that they are just not mentioning.

It least, that’s what I hope!

I did mention a widget and sharing options when I was talking about Yosemite adoption, but perhaps you missed this later paragraph?

Those are plans for additional updates we’ll be releasing this year, and they certainly do include UX improvements.


Thanks Ken - that’s the first sign we’ve heard that anyone has even been paying attention. Can you share if any of the specific problems we’ve been listed are on the scratch pad list?

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Yosemite ratings:

If you want to consider user feedback, how about supporting MacOS X 10.8? Note the most popular choice is “I hate it”. End your dependance on buggy Apple frameworks.

Yosemite ratings are from the Mac App store for 10.10.2 as of 3/29/2015.

please give a rebirth of the estimated time field and also the ability to look at the inbox although projects/contexts are shown in the sidebar (for going through the inbox)

Our most recent newsletter lists some of the Mac improvements we’re working on right now: customizable Today extension, more layout options, and responsive (push) syncing.

The layout options we’re working on now will let you show and hide estimated times.

We’ve put some work into making it possible to drag from the Inbox to a list of projects without using multiple windows, but I’m not sure when that work will be done. (We’ve decided to focus on getting some of the other improvements out the door first.)


Thanks Ken - nice to see some movement!

Thanks for the update!

Hi Ken, apologies if I’m digging up a well covered topic here, but do your plans for next year include any support for collaboration please?

Many thanks

Hi Ken, thank for the update, and I have +1 for adding collaboration in OF2. It is a must in today’s business world.


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Similarly, I would be interested in hearing what’s in the OF2 pipeline for 2016 after encryption and extensible DB become live in app stores.

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Sorry but I disagree, why should those of us who work alone pay for collaboration features when there are plenty of options available for those who need this?

I actually picked OF partly because it was built for and targeted individual task management with a high level of relevant features. I had tried Basecamp and tried to get clients to use it to get value out of it, without much success. I am very happy with the way OF is targeted, purely Mac, solely for individuals, I repeat if that’s not your thing there are other options, but please do not force your needs on the rest of us.