Disclosure Triangles on Action Groups OF3

I’m dying to know… does OF3 for IOS make use of collapsable disclosure triangles on action groups? This is more important to me on the iPad…

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I’m terribly sorry to say that it doesn’t. And worse than that: when I started testing the OF3 beta on the Iphone, I found that the solution in OF2 that worked well there now is gone even on the Iphone! I just can’t believe why. It has been so strange that the Ipad version of OF had been inferior to the Iphone version in this case, and I was hoping that this would be fixed in OF3. I took for granted, though, that the fix would mean making the Ipad version better, not impairing the Iphone version.

To me, the true and unlimited hierarchies is one of the hallmarks of OF and something I haven’t found in other task managers. It would be such a disappointment if the quickest way to make use of hierarchies‚ by using action groups, in OF3 on IOS would be limited to creating unfoldable lists instead of so elegantly having lots of tasks easily accessible without obstructing the view.

A beta is of course only a beta, but I guess the disclosure triangles would have been there now for action groups if they were planned for the initial 3.0 release. Ken Case from the Omni Group was positive to the idea of a better solution in another thread, though:
Disclosure triangles

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To vote for this feature, send an email to ofpreview@omnigroup.com.



I would like collapsable lists on iOS, but I won’t be upset if they do not appear directly. OTOH, I hope that we are not going to see another repeat of what I considered to be the OF1 -> OF2 update fiasco. While significant new features were added by that update, well-respected features were just unilaterally eliminated (and have yet to return).

As I recall, I postponed my update to OF2 for a rather long time due to that mess.

Multiple tags – yes. Substitution of an even less efficient way to oversee hierarchical lists in place of what is already cumbersome – forget about it!!!


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This is just flat out not acceptable!
How can you REMOVE functionality with an upgrade???
This has ruined my use of OmniFocus on my iPad and iPhone.

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