Discount for Essentials?

I can see that I’m granted an IAP discount for Pro, but Essentials remains 9.99. Is Essentials discounted for existing customers?

Sorry, no, there is not a discount for existing customers to purchase Essentials. Essentials is a brand new edition of the app and not a replacement for OmniOutliner Standard. OmniOutliner 1 & 2 for iOS both had feature sets way beyond what Essentials offers (it sat between Standard and Pro) so it’s not considered an upgrade. There was confusion about this when we introduced Essentials with OmniOutliner 5 for Mac.

Also good to know, if you do buy Essentials but later decide you want Pro, the total cost is still the same as having upgraded straight to Pro. So for the US store, it’s $9.99 to upgrade from Essentials to Pro if you are eligible for the 50% discount.