Discourse forum downtime and expansion May 21, 2014

Thanks to all of the folks that have participated in the OmniFocus test discussions here, we’re ready to complete the transition to Discourse from our old VBulletin forum.

Since we’ll adding categories for the rest of the Omni Products, we’re likely to get a lot of new posters as well. We hope that those who have a little more experience posting on discourse will set a great example when it comes to discussion, and be helpful in answering questions and “like”-ing exemplary posts.

If you’re someone who only cares about OmniFocus and is worried about the other products cluttering up your Latest or New view, remember that you can use the All Categories pop-up to drill down into the OmniFocus category or a subcategory before looking at those views and just see filtered results.

Finishing this transition will require a little bit of downtime, so don’t be alarmed if you see a maintenance page tomorrow afternoon (Pacific Time). We’re sorry for any inconvenience that a break in discussion might cause! Thanks again.


I’m excited about these new forums! It’s a lot easier to manage and engage with the community!