Display a clean list of Projects which have tasks within them with a due date - but only present the project names within the list

Hi there,

Is there a way to have OmniFocus 4 Pro - present a list of Projects that have as a condition the existence of a Task with a Due Date within them, but only list the Projects? What I am trying is to get a clean list with with the Projects (project names), rather than the Projects with the Tasks below each project, etc.

I’ve been trying to set a Perspective for this without success.


The way I do this is to create a perspective that sorts entire projects by due (I’m guessing you can figure out the rules you need):

And then in the resulting view I just make sure to ‘Collapse all’ so that I see a list of project names with toggle arrows. It’s not perfect if you do literally just want a list, but it does allow expanding one project at a time to review and update anything necessary.

Hope that helps

Thank you. I’ve tested your suggestion and it works as expected.