Display date / time of the last synchronization in the status bar

My Mac is at home and at the office I use Omnifocus for the web on my windows workstation, the IOS version on my ipad, iphone and watch because the web version has only a few features. On my ipad I often mark several tasks to edit them structurally. Very often I look for new or changed tasks on my iphone, where are the tasks ??? Did I make a mistake while entering / changing them?
I am waiting, pulling down the perspective bar, has database synchronized?
It would be nice if Omni-Group include the time of last synchronization in the status / toolbar.
GDT needs a trustworthy app. Every time I use one of my devices, I ask myself, had my changes been carried over?


+1 I typically work from my desktop, but move to my laptop when I want to change rooms or am on the go. I then wonder if everything synced or not, and must sometimes go back to the desktop and force a sync to be sure. Some indication of sync state (if enabled) would be grand!

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