Display due-time in Project- and forecast view

I´m wondering if I can make the due-time visible in the i.e. project view. I can only display the due date, but the time is not displayed. I only can figure it out when going into details view on the right side. As I habe quite many tasks on the same date,but at different times to do I´d like to have an overview, if all is set correct without clicking on each item to look it.

Thanks for your comments.

In all but the Forecast perspective, the due time is only displayed if the task is due today. Would it work to use Forecast to see the due times?

I guess that would work. I just tried to make a custom perspective but I still only see the date, not the due time. Any magic tricks :-)?

Thanks a lot, Tim

You’re welcome, @tobyhart.

As far as I know, it’s not currently possible to show the time for future/past dates in any perspective other than Forecast. I recommend sending this request to Omni. You can drop them a line by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu.

I‘ll do, thanks Tim ;-)

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