Display weekends as shaded in Gantt view

A way to display weekends in gantt chart view.

I realize that this ‘workaround’ (link below) has been posted by someone but it’s really not a good solution for a feature that should exist. For anyone working with Clients who don’t do what you do, it’s much easier for them to understand the concept of the schedule if weekends are clearly visible. Through searches I’ve seen people have been asking for this since 2010, not sure why it’s so difficult but if i’ve just missed it I’ll be more than happy to eat my words here : )

@tara This is a feature offered in OmniPlan 3 for Mac! To display weekends in OmniPlan 3, select View > Non-Working Time > Weekends in the OmniPlan menu bar.

Does it also allow to grey out the vacations and time off? Or only for holidays and weekends?

@aaron861030 This option allows you to display all project non-working time. It is not currently possible to view a specific resource’s non-working time in the Gantt.