Displaying a perspective count in the dashboard (edited with proposed design solution images)

Hi Folks - is this possible?

I currently have a 2X3 grid mixing perspectives and pre made boxes:

(3) Inbox - Anywhere
Calls - Home
(3) Review - (0) Flagged

I could really do with a count on the perspectives as well, otherwise I have to open them to see if there’s anything in them, which seems like rather a waste of time.

Is it possible to turn this on or do I need a feature request?


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This is a feature request, at the moment. Custom perspectives have quite a wide variety of configurable options that can affect the tasks inside it, and so OmniFocus doesn’t currently keep an always-available count of tasks for each perspective. Could you drop us an email and let us know that this feature would be useful for you?

Thanks for that have replied in detail.

I’ve knocked these up to show the problem and proposed solution to any other users.

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I just started doubling down on using perspectives, and this is the exact feature I want. (I’ve emailed an enhancement request.)

Of your two mockups, I’d go with the one without icons - giving more room.

Thanks for the response, I’m inclined to go that way as well, the icons don’t add anywhere near as much as the count does.

Let me know if you get any feedback and if anyone else wants to push for this feature, please do using the same methods, I think it would make a real difference to how useful perspectives are!