Do I need to keep OF2 installed after I upgrade? [No]

I remember in the past that when installed Omnifocus 2 , that to get the discount or free upgrade , I had to have the previous version of Omnifocus installed for it to work.

I upgraded from OF2 to OF3 today , and to get the discounted upgrade price, I had to show it where Omnifocus 2 was installed . I then purchased OF3 and it’s working fine.

Let’s say I wipe my Mac and do a fresh install ( not restore ) . Will I need to install OF2 before I install OF3? Or can I just installed OF3 and it will work?

Btw, I have the same question for IOS. I have 2 and 3 installed but the icons look the same so I don’t know which one is OF2 and which one is OF3! Also do I need to have previous version installed to activate OF3?

Once you have a licence for the new version you won’t need the old version to re-install it.

Thanks, that is good to know for future use!